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Why Frisco is one of The Best Places To Live!

Dallas is now the new haven for former Silicon Valley ex-pats and new business owners! The fantastic DFW at large has been serving as a new hub for tech experts and various other ventures. From budding entrepreneurs seeking to start … Read More

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How Being Honest Affects Our Business

What are honesty and integrity? Honesty and integrity are important in today’s world. We believe it’s the foundation of what we do. How could we help anyone if we aren’t honest with ourselves and YOU. We actively try to analyze … Read More

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Social Media Adventures: Twitter

It’s fairly interesting to see the connection between businesses and social media sites. Joining the Realty Pros Locating team to establish a social media presence past their Instagram account was an interesting endeavor. Twitter has a history of enabling businesses … Read More

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Finding an Apartment with a Prior History

We understand that some of you may have previous life circumstances that makes finding an apartment more difficult. Regardless of your prior history, there is a possibility that you can still qualify for an apartment. We list some of the … Read More

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Why YOU Should Move to Texas Right Now!

Hey, Zach here, from Realty Pros Locating. Just wondering if you’re thinking about moving any time soon and if you’ve even remotely thought of Texas as THE place to move to. “Zach, why should I move to Texas?”, you ask. … Read More

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New Frisco Apartments

Frisco has been one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and many new complexes have sprung up in 2018 and 2019. Here are some of our favorite picks. The Maxwell (Built in 2018) Newly built apartments in The … Read More

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Why Choose Realty Pros?

So why choose Realty Pros for finding your next apartment in Dallas? Well, here are some of the following reasons: 1.) Apartment Knowledge We’ve got plenty of knowledge of the apartment industry and we’re always looking out for our clients. … Read More

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