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Why Frisco is one of The Best Places To Live!

Dallas is now the new haven for former Silicon Valley ex-pats and new business owners!

The fantastic DFW at large has been serving as a new hub for tech experts and various other ventures. From budding entrepreneurs seeking to start their business in a more affordable area or to large conglomerates seeking to expand their reach and build new HQ’s. The greater DFW area allows for all of this and more. We’re pretty much the same! We’re a startup company and are thriving in the rich environment that the Texas DFW area has provided. We have several partnerships with properties in Frisco and will happily help you relocate!

Let’s talk about Frisco, Texas, and why it should be YOUR next place to live!

Frisco, a Dallas suburb houses approximately 200,000 residents and is well-known for its charm as a rich and luxurious suburban feel. According to a study done by H. David Ballinger in 2019, Frisco ranks 12th in Dallas suburbs for its school system which makes it a great place to raise a family!


Being a rich and diverse area, Frisco also offers a diverse range of JOB OPPORTUNITIES and HOUSING OPTIONS. Whether you’re fresh out of college and are looking to start your career with an AFFORDABLE housing option with a fun fast-paced lifestyle, or you are looking to purchase your first home and settle down in a quiet area that allows for easy access into the city then FRISCO is the right choice!

Don’t forget about Frisco’s iconic attractions that you will have access to!

Can’t talk about Texas without talking about FOOTBALL! What better place to experience football than at, “FORD CENTER AT THE STAR”.Plenty of events happen and has it’s own rich history that we can’t fit in this short article! Maybe you’re into BASEBALL. Then why not check out the “DR. PEPPER BALLPARK”. Okay, what if you aren’t exactly athletically inclined (hint hint: Frisco also sees a lot of daylight and can help kickstart your fitness goals!). Frisco also has the “NATIONAL VIDEOGAME MUSEUM” and “STONEBRIAR CENTRE”. There’s a lot we can talk and get excited over however why not just MESSAGE us today and tour with us?


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