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Social Media Adventures: Twitter

It’s fairly interesting to see the connection between businesses and social media sites. Joining the Realty Pros Locating team to establish a social media presence past their Instagram account was an interesting endeavor. Twitter has a history of enabling businesses to build a platform and establish their voices to differentiate themselves from the crowd alongside bridging gaps between various industries and allowing those networks to flourish organically.

I decided on utilizing Twitter as a platform for broadcasting RPL’s message and utilizing transparent networking with untapped industries such as eSports groups and streaming personalities. Traditionally, businesses like RPL reach via traditional media and paid ads. Having this new approach allows us to invest in groups and individuals in an emerging market that we believe in and tap into their wide-reaching audience base. Being an early adopter in these new forms of business entities also gives us the leverage needed to display our altruistic endeavors in giving back to the communities that help us grow our business. You don’t grow alone, you grow together.

Ora United Possible House

With these core tenets in mind, I set out to implement my goals of growing RPL’s social media presence whilst establishing firm relationships with these emerging markets. Within 4 months of starting the new marketing strategy, we’ve grown by 250% and have gained 30% more leads which give us a decent ROI on our initial time and investment costs. It also allowed us to invest in personalities that traditional businesses like ours haven’t done which just makes us feel good in the end.

Kazoku Nation

We’ll be continuing to document our progress and our process for our clients, partners, and fellow realtors and apartment locators. We want to build a more harmonious world in a highly competitive market and to do so means we need to be transparent in how we deliver our content and what we’re doing.

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