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Finding an Apartment with a Prior History

We understand that some of you may have previous life circumstances that makes finding an apartment more difficult. Regardless of your prior history, there is a possibility that you can still qualify for an apartment. We list some of the common barriers to leasing below and what options you may have. Our goal is to make your apartment search as stress-free as possible, and we will present you with options while giving you our true opinion on possibility of acceptance.

Low Credit

Having a lower credit score is not necessarily an instant disqualifier. If you have a prior rental history with on-time payments and 3x the rent in income, you can likely still qualify for an apartment. We have been able to sign clients of around 500-600 credit. If you have under 500 credit then we recommend waiting until you can get it to that point. If you are approved with lower credit, you will likely pay a higher deposit. This could be up to 1 full month of rent.


There are apartments that accept bankruptcies if they are discharged by the court. If your bankruptcy was discharged we can connect you to these properties. We have been able to successfully sign prior clients with bankruptcies. Rental history with on-time payments as well as 3x the rent in income will be taken into account by apartments.

Broken Leases and Evictions

A broken lease will not effect your apartment search as long as it has been completely paid off. You can precede with your search as normal at this point. Most apartments can work with evictions over 2 years old if they have been paid off. Depending on the age of your eviction we can connect you to apartments in your desired area.

Criminal Record

Having a criminal record can make apartment finding more challenging. Non-violent misdemeanors have the highest chance of being accepted. Certain apartments may take felonies as well depending on the criteria and how long ago they occurred. Feel free to reach out to us about your conviction and we will see which apartments can work with you. At Realty Pros, we understand that your past doesn’t have to determine your future.

We hope that you found this information helpful. We understand that searching for an apartment can present difficulties depending on your life circumstances. We want to be here every step of the way to make the process easier. If you’d like to see what we can do to help, fill out the form below. One of our agents will reach out to you shortly after to offer you a personalized search experience.

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